Ruck X Donations

Awareness and Donations

Many of our military and veterans struggle with anti-social behavior, depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts & tendencies, and isolate themselves from others.

One of the purposes of Ruck X is to raise awareness of issues facing our active duty military and our veterans. Issues that include PTSD, suicide and hunger.

PTSD, or Post-traumatic stress disorder impacts between 11% and 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans, approximately 12% of Gulf War veterans, and 15% of Vietnam veterans.

On any given day, about 22 veterans commit suicide. Veterans are at a 57% higher risk of suicide than those who have not served. Many of which suffer from PTSD.

Hunger is all too common amongst our troops. Almost 25% of active-duty service members are food insecure. Affecting themselves and their families. Over 2 million veterans in the United States, between the ages of 18 to 64 are food insecure.

These are the issues that Ruck X is working to bring awareness to and fight against. By collecting both monetary donations and food donations, we will work to alleviate these issues facing our military and veterans. But we need your help!

Sign up to be a part of Ruck X. Whether you participate in person or virtually, you can help us raise funds and collect food for our warriors.